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Honeycomb Ceramic

Honeycomb Monolith / Porous Ceramic / Ceramic Block

Honeycomb ceramic is a porous ceramic with parallel channels that are triangular, square or hexagonal in shape. Each honeycomb unit is separated by thin walls, and materials making up the ceramic honeycomb primarily include cordierite (2MgO.2Al2O3.5SiO2), aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5), mullite (3Al2O3.2SiO2), Corundum (α-Al2O3) and compound phases.

Compared to general ceramics, the honeycomb ceramics feature a low thermal expansion, high heat and shock resistance, anti-oxidation performance, a large surface area and corrosion resistance.

Honeycomb ceramics are used in metallurgy, tower packing in the chemical industry, construction, heat regenerative and high temperature air purification, industrial waste gas treatment, NOx purified systems in firepower, purifying systems for harmful gasses from burning refuse, noxious gas purification in chemical and mining industries, and finally, acting as a filter and catalyst carrier used in founding processes. Honeycomb ceramic regenerators enhance efficiency, save energy, increase output, and improve the quality, all important and effective measures to take when handling energy and the environment. These ceramic tools are also used to save energy on thermal equipment. Pores inside the honeycomb ceramic regenerators are square and hexagon in shape, and each channel is straight and parallel to each other. This unique structure reduces the passing air resistance and enhances the heat exchange efficiency of every channel.

1. Reduce the thermal loss in exhaust gas, and improve the efficiency of fuel in order to save energy
2. Enhance the burning temperature based on theory, and improve atmospheric burning to meet the high temperature requirements of thermal equipment to enlarge the caloric value of fuel, especially when used in blast furnaces. The ceramic product is also used to improve the calorific value of fuel and reduce emissions from low calorific value coal gas.
3. Improve the heat exchange in hearths, increase equipment output, and enhance the quality of products to cut down on equipment reinvestment costs.
4. Reduce exhaust emissions in thermal equipment, alleviate air pollution, and improve the environment

from 13 cells, 25cells, 32cells 40cells, 50cells, 60cells to 400cpsi

Micrographs of ceramic material
Poro cordierite
Dense Cordierite
Dense alumina
Corundum Muillte

Chemical analysis
Composition Value (%)
Al2O3 55~65
SiO2 25~35
MgO 1~5
Fe2O3+TiO2 3~5
Others <5
Physical properties
Index Unit Value
Density g/cm3 2.0±0.2
Coefficient of heat expansion ( X10-6K-1) ( 20-800℃ ) ≤5
Specific Heat ( J/Kg.k ) ( 20 ~ 1000℃ ) 900-1150
Thermal Conductivity ( 20 ~ 1000℃ ) 1.5 ~ 2.0
Impact Thermal Resistance ( ℃/min ) ≥300
Max. Working Temp. 1350
Water absorption % ≤20
Dimension and other physical properties
Dimension Quantity of channels Wall thickness Outside wall thickness Channel Width Void section Weight piece
150×150×300 25×25 1.0mm±0.1 1.2mm±0.15 4.8-5.0mm 67% 4.0-5.0kg
150×150×300 32×32 0.9mm±0.1 1.2mm±0.15 3.8-3.9mm 61.6% 4.6-5.6kg
150×150×300 40×40 0.7mm±0.1 1.1mm±0.15 2.9-3.1mm 64% 4.7-5.7kg
150×150×300 43×43 0.65mm±0.1 1.1mm±0.15 2.7-2.9mm 62% 4.8-5.8kg
150×150×300 50×50 0.6mm±0.1 0.8mm±0.15 2.3-2.5mm 61% 4.8-5.8kg
150×150×300 60×60 0.45mm±0.1 0.8mm±0.15 1.9-2.1mm 63.4% 4.7-5.7kg

Due to the reliable quality and economic price, we export honeycomb ceramics all over the world to Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Italy, France, Saudi Arab, Iran, Brazil, Morocco, Chile and other places. We are also working on a number of RTO projects for honeycomb media and insulation materials, so that we can always ensure the best services.

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