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Molecular Sieve

Crystallized Aluminosilicate / 3A Molecular Sieve / 13X Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieves are made of crystalized aluminsosilicate, and feature an even pore diameter and large surface areas, excellent thermal stability, large absorption capacity, and a high intensity. Special features include selective absorption, meaning the sieve absorbs only molecules with a diameter less than that of the pores in the molecular sieve.

Selective absorption is also used for polar molecules and unsaturated molecules. The larger the polarity and unsaturated ratio, the stronger the selective absorption. The water absorption is high even in high temperatures, low space velocity or low water content areas. We provide 3A, 4A, 5A, 5A small oxygen enriched, 13X, 13XACS, IG desiccant, refrigeration desiccant, and more according to customer requirements.

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