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Industrial ceramics must meet strict performance standards for their high performance applications, from chemical and petrochemical industries to medical instruments. Formally 2008, Pingxiang A&R Ceramics Co., Ltd. has grown into a trusted name in the industrial ceramic industry, with a client list including internationally known companies. Spanning more than 40 acres and a plant space of 18,000 square meters, we have an extensive line of ceramic balls, honeycomb ceramic, ceramic random packing, structured packing, plastic random pacing, ceramic support balls/media, grinding media, molecular sieves, activated alumina and catalysts.

Our products are known for their outstanding crushing strength, excellent heat transfer performance and more, which is why internationally known companies such as Durr (Germany), Lantec (USA), American Environmental (USA), CECO (USA), JUNJIE (China), MPM (Italy), Alstom K.K (Japan), GGI (South Korea) , ТОО "СпецЭнергоМонтаж" (Kazakhstan), Philippine Asso. (Philippines), SEDRICSA (Morocco), Bremicker & Eberlein GmbH (Germany), Imprimerie Rockson (France), Sagemis International (Italy), and Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (USA) have all worked with us.

At A&R, we are capable of supplying 10,000 cubic meters of random tower packing, 10,000 metric tons of ceramic support media/balls, and 5,000 cubic meters of ceramic honeycomb monoliths on an annual basis. We also feature an organized professional technical team and can work out the best solution with our clients in order to research and develop customized products. We are committed to the highest possible quality in all products and systems, as demonstrated by the development of our own quality management system and certification to ISO9001:2000 standards. Every employee understands that quality is key to a better economic efficiency and market competitiveness, which is why each production stage adheres to ISO9001 standards.

Located in the Muma Industrial Park, we are near Shanghai and Shenzhen ports, making shipping and other logistical needs extremely easy and keeping logistics costs down for our customers.

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  • Invention patent for a Lessing annular heat storage ceramic body and its fabrication process
  • Design patent for a padding
  • Invention patent for an industrial support and its preparation method

Pingxiang A&R Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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