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Manufacturing Capacity

Raw Materials
We closely examine all raw materials, both patches and test composition in our lab, and keep only qualified raw materials. The raw materials include clay or mineral soil containing aluminum oxide, aluminum, and calcium oxide.

Multi-Element Tester
The multi-element tester is used to detect the content levels of elements in raw materials.

Flame Photometer
The flame photometer is used to determine the concentration of potassium and sodium in order to guarantee product quality.

  • Raw Materials
  • Multi-Element Tester
Production Equipment

Powder Batching Machine
The powder batching machine carries out the mixing of a specific proportion of raw materials. This mixer can mix up to 20 tons of material at a time.

Spray Tower
The spray tower sprays and dries the powder.

Rolling Machine for Ceramic Ball
We own and operate 12 rolling machines, with a daily output of 15 tons.

Injection Molding Machine
The injection molding machine carries out the injection molding of plastic random packing.

The ceramic kiln heats ceramic to a temperature of 1400°C, and its volume is 40 m3. Firing time for a single batch of ceramic balls is generally 2 to 3 days.

  • Powder Batching Machine
  • Spray Tower
  • Rolling Machine for Ceramic Ball
  • Plastic random packing
  • Firing
  • Production of Metal Random Packing

Packing and Stock
We examine the quality of all finished products before packing.

Each ceramic ball is artificially screened after production. We use screens with different specifications, based on the size of the ceramic ball in order to eliminate residues and unqualified products.

Packaging Solution for Support Media and Tower Packings
Steel Drum
The steel drums are both water proof and impact proof, better aiding in the preservation of finished products.

Super Sack (Ton Bag)
As the name suggests, a ton bag can hold up to 1 ton of ceramic balls, making it easy to unload or use the balls.

  • Storage
  • Packaging in cartons
  • Steel Drum
  • Super Sack
  • Wooden case for honeycomb ceramic

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